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V-70 Hemp Heart Protein™

Uses: V-70 Hemp Heart Protein™ makes hemp an appropriate protein for a wide set of uses for the first time. V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein has high water binding capacity; it is not fully water soluble but emulsifies well. 

Flavor: Clean, neutral flavor – no need for expensive masking agents.

Victory Hemp Heart Protein™

Uses: Victory Hemp Heart Protein™ contains the core characteristics of our flagship V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein including a great nutritional profile featuring 70% protein, a near neutral taste & mostly white color. The key differentiator is in the finishing touches. Victory Hemp Heart protein™ may contain small hemp flecks. These small flecks are tiny green shell pieces leftover from the de-hulling process and are completely safe to eat. This results in higher yields for Victory Hemp Heart Protein™ which in turn results in lower prices for our customers. 

Flavor: Clean, neutral flavor – no need for expensive masking agents.

V-ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil

Uses: Food manufacturers use V-ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil anywhere they want the nutritional advantages of hemp seed oil but want a light color and flavor. 

Flavor: Lightly nutty, similar to pine nuts.

Shelled Hemp Seeds

Uses: Food manufacturers use shelled hemp seeds (hearts) in granolas, nutrition bars, snacks, pesto and directly processed to make hemp milk. Use hemp hearts just about anywhere you’d use a sesame seed, pine nut, or any other nut or seed.

Flavor: Mild, nutty flavor that might best be described as a cross between a pine nut and a sesame seed.

Roasted Hemp Seeds

Uses: Roasted whole hemp seeds are used by manufacturers in granolas, nutrition bars, snacks, beer and distilled beverages – so far. We think Roasted Hemp Seeds are the sleeper of hemp — an untapped creative opportunity!

Flavor: A small but satisfying crunch and nuttier flavor than raw makes them a unique ingredient that fits well with many foods

Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil

Uses: Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil fits anywhere you use extra virgin olive oil or want to boost your Omega 3’s: dressings, pesto, smoothies. And the smoke point is just 20 degrees Flower than EVOO. Pressed at below 130F and retaining all of its vitamins and minerals, Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil brings both flavor and exceptional nutrition.

Flavor: Earthy, grassy.

Hemp Protein50

Uses: Use Hemp Protein at 23%, 33% or 50% protein anywhere you would use a protein powder or superfood flour: smoothies, baking (tortillas, cornbread, pancakes, brownies), pasta, and pesto.

Flavor: Earthy, nutty.